Are Champion's Edge products safe for children?

Yes, Champion’s Edge products are safe for all ages. Our recommendations for athletes under age 15 are to consume the HydrationEdge products as needed throughout the day and to consume 1-2 servings of the MentalEdge product immediately prior to physical activity, but not more than twice per day.


Do Champion’s Edge products comply with NCAA and IOC ingredient standards?

Yes, Champion’s Edge products meet all standards for the NCAA, USOC/IOC, and WADA/USADA with respect to the ingredients they contain. And, because most high schools follow NCAA rules and guidelines related to nutritional products and supplements, Champion’s Edge products should meet all criteria for high school associations. However, since some high school associations may vary slightly from NCAA ingredient standards, you should check with your local high school association prior to consumption if you are concerned about the association’s testing standards.


Do Champion’s Edge products work individually without using all of the products?

Yes, Champion’s Edge products are designed to work individually as stand-alone products. For those whose lifestyles include intense workouts, using all three of the Champion’s Edge products will more effectively and efficiently increase your ability to perform at peak levels for longer periods of time and help you recover faster following physical activity. However, individual products are not dependent on the use of other products in order for you to see results.


How long do I have to take the products for them to start working?

Champion’s Edge products have been designed to start working immediately upon consumption and should have a positive effect on your workout or recovery shortly after entering your system.


Are Champion’s Edge products made in the United States?

Yes, Champion’s Edge products are formulated, mixed, and packaged in the United States.


Can I buy Champion’s Edge products in stores?

Champion’s Edge products are not available in stores. Our products are available for purchase on our website or through a distributor. To order Champion’s Edge products through our website, please click here. For a list of distributors, please click here.


How do I become a Champion’s Edge distributor?

If you have enjoyed the edge that Champion’s Edge products give you, we encourage you to share your successes with others by becoming a Champion’s Edge distributor. For more information about becoming a distributor, click here.


Will you produce additional flavors?

We are always interested in learning how our products would better suit our customers and we are always interested in your feedback. If you would like to see additional flavors of Champion’s Edge products considered, please send your flavor request to us at