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There are two great ways for you and your family to enjoy Champion’s Edge products. Become a Champion’s Edge Independent Owner and allow Champion’s Edge to help you earn a residual income, whether you are looking to make a few extra dollars a month or if you are looking for a new career path and would like to make your Champion’s Edge business the focal point of your new career. If you would rather simply purchase and enjoy Champion’s Edge products without participating in the company's marketing plan, simply sign in using an existing Independent Owner's ID. If you do not have one, no problem -- we will assign an Independent Owner to you and you can purchase our products at a discounted retail price.


Independent Owner

If you would  like to earn a part-time or even a full-time income through Champion’s Edge, then the right choice for you is to enroll as an Independent Owner.

  • Independent Owners can sell all of the Champion’s Edge products
  • Earn income multiple ways (click for details)
  • Receive coaching and sales training
  • Get your own replicated website
  • Maintain your own Virtual Office

To Enroll as an Independent Owner click the button below.


Retail Customer

If you are simply looking to purchase Champion’s Edge products and do not wish to sell and/or earn money from the sell of the products, then the right choice for you is to enroll as a Retail Customer.

  • Get discounts on all Champion’s Edge products
  • Enjoy all of our great-tasting, nutritious products
  • Stay informed via our newsletter
  • Share your success stories
  • Sample Champion’s Edge products to your friends

To Enroll as a Retail Customer click the button below.