Better products at lower costs and a gimmick-free marketing plan. Those are the fundamental elements of a Champion’s Edge business.

Champion’s Edge is a direct sales company. However, we operate very differently than many businesses in the direct sales space. We win when our independent owners win, and we offer a straight-forward, simple to use and understand business opportunity with no pitfalls, no trap doors, and no hidden agendas.

Why Champion's Edge Is Right For You

As a Champion’s Edge independent owner, you are offering people championship products that are safe and healthy for the entire family. Our product line has been developed to be superior to the competition. We don’t cut corners on ingredients and we integrate the latest science into all of our formulations. We have a long-standing relationship of more than 20 years with our formulator who has helped build some of the largest companies in the sports nutrition direct sales industry. 

As a Champion’s Edge independent owner, we provide you with the tools you need to succeed. We train you, we provide you with sales and marketing materials, and we coach you along the way. There’s no need for you to create any marketing materials or sales elements. You also don’t have to worry about a storefront, inventory, payroll, or any other typical business expenses.

Remember when we said we operate differently than many direct sales businesses? We meant it. Champion’s Edge independent owners pay no sign-up fees, no website fees, and there is no buy-in. The only thing you have to do to remain an active independent owner is order a minimum of $100 of product on a monthly basis. Compare that to our competition!

Our marketing plan is designed to pay! What a concept! We have intentionally set up the marketing plan so that you may start earning meaningful residual income quickly and on all sales within the first eight generations of your organization. And there are no monthly minimums to earn on retail/wholesale.

You can work at your own pace, on your own time. Champion’s Edge can become your full-time job or we can simply serve as a part-time revenue opportunity. Whatever your particular preference, you are in control. This allows you the flexibility you want to still have time for your family and children while making the residual income needed to be able to provide a more comfortable lifestyle for you and your family.

As a Champion’s Edge independent owner, a one-time effort continues to pay off over and over again. As you build your organization and train the individuals within your organization, they will ultimately succeed and build organizations of their own, all of which you will benefit from as your downline grows.


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