Who needs an edge in life? The answer is simple – everyone! From world-class athletes to focused business professionals to busy moms, we all need that extra boost of mental focus and energy to get us over the hurdles life puts in our path.Champion’s Edge was formulated with this in mind and was specifically developed to work for champions from all walks of life.*

For the athlete, the Champion’s Edge line of products provides for a complete solution to your performance needs. Drink a refreshing serving of great-tasting MentalEdge prior to physical activity to nourish your mind and body, allowing you to push further when your competition hits the wall. HydrationEdge can be consumed during physical activity to prevent cramping and muscle deterioration or any time during the day to keep your body hydrated with essential nutrients and electrolytes. After an intense workout, RecoveryEdge will repair and refuel your muscles and reduce soreness so that your body is prepared to bounce back quickly.*

For the busy mom or on-the-run business professional, replace your morning coffee, soda, or convenience store energy drink with MentalEdge to gain an enduring energy level throughout the day with no heart-racing spike and the inevitable crash. MentalEdge will sharpen your focus and allow you to excel through the grind and accomplish all of your goals for the day, and even have you alert and energized when you get back home.*

In short, Champion’s Edge is the perfect healthy option to enhance your performance no matter your day’s agenda. In the office, on the field, or anywhere else, Champion’s Edge provides you with the edge you need to be a champion for your team, your company, your family, or yourself! *

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.